My name Bill Hines and I am a Portland, Oregon based photographer. My educational background is in Geography where I focus on cartography and spatial analysis. You may ask what this has to do with photography – the answer is they are both forms of visual storytelling and image processing.

My photographic focus is primarily portrait and humanitarian/missions but I like to mix in a little fine art, landscape, travel, commercial, music, automotive, and event photography as well. I would love to connect with you and help tell your visual story.

I enjoy mixing old and new photographic equipment & processes. This may be using vintage lenses on my digital cameras or an old camera with a digital sensor or just a completely old process like wet plate collodion. Using and mixing these technologies allows me to create very different looks to images within a single photo shoot.

Meaning behind the name:

I own and operate two companies: Kaz Photo Works and Kaz GIS Services. The “Kaz” (pronounced with an “ah”) comes from the country my oldest son was born – Kazakhstan (also having every “a” pronounced “ah”). Both of my sons were internationally adopted so I have added interest in working with organizations supporting orphans as well as adoptive families.